Bring Joseph Allen Home to the United States | Joseph Martin Allen, a US Citizen, was kidnapped by his mother. His father, James Robert Allen, is trying to get him back. This is the story.

Via Scoop.itJuvenile Justice

My name is James Robert Allen, my little boy is Joseph Martin Allen who was abducted by his mother Carmen Odilsia Galvan Bermudez in Colombia. We came to Colombia visiting with the understanding we would be returning to the United States in 10 days and we would be returning to the US with our son. That was in September of 2008 and she, nor my son, have ever been back to the US. That was her plan all along; to stay in Colombia with our son and keep him from me. Joseph was three months old at that time. While we were in Colombia, Joseph got sick and was not eating. We took him to the hospital and we were told it was due to the altitude. I told Carmen we should go back to the US and this is when she informed me that she nor my son would be returning to the US. I was angry and went back to where we were staying and found that she had taken his passport so he could not exit the country. This is when the hell began.

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