Beyond Scared Straight -Juvenile Justice Reform: Two juveniles, 27-year-old, denied bail

Via Scoop.itJuvenile Justice

CHIEF Magistrate Roger Gomez denied bail to two juveniles and remanded another, who was not represented, when they were arraigned yesterday afternoon on serious criminal charges when two lives were threatened in separate incidents.By LAMECH JOHNSON
In the first of two arraignments in Court One, Bank Lane, the judge told Calvin Seymour, defense attorney for the two boys charged with attempted murder, that while he understood and sympathized with the attorney’s plight for bail discretion on their behalf, the new law made the Magistrate’s Court powerless in that regard.
The two residents of Munnings Drive off St Vincent Road, with 27-year-old Alexis Farrington were charged in connection with a murder attempt on Alvon Emmanuel on Friday, November 11.
The Chief Magistrate told the three accused that due to the nature of the offence, they would not be allowed to enter pleas. He said that a Voluntary Bill of Indictment would be served against them on February 16, 2012. This means that instead of proceeding with a preliminary inquiry into the evidence, their case will go straight to the Supreme Court.
Farrington asked the judge to explain the difference between the two. Chief Magistrate Gomez replied that the Voluntary Bill would take the matter directly to the Supreme Court for trial, saving the court and the accused time, compared to having to first go through a preliminary inquiry.

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