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To Mark Maynard, thanks for the post on behalf of Davontae and his family as well as The Voice of Detroit. I’d been looking for the names of the people who were killed and I see one of your readers found the relevant article–that’s very helpful to my ongoing pursuit of the case. Regarding the cell tower testimony, I specifically asked the Prosecutor’s Office why they haven’t charged William Rice with perjury if they think he lied–they wouldn’t comment. Cell tower testimony is not always dependable and whether this “expert” has sufficient training is open to question. The prosecutor’s office AND the judge seem bound and determined to defend their original charges and conviction of Davontae, when his confession should have been thrown out on the face of it, since he had neither his mother nor an attorney present. They are throwing every roadblock they can in the way of Vincent Smothers testifying in Davontae’s case; he is the most important witness and has already confessed on videotape and named his accomplice. THEY could be subject to obstruction of justice and perjury charges if the whole sordid story comes out; one of Worthy’s assistant prosecutors, Karen Plants, and a judge Mary Waterstone are being tried on suborning perjury charges in another case; Worthy herself faces charges before the attorney grievance commission related to that case. Her office is reckless and determined to mount up convictions whether or not the defendants are guilty.

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