Beyond Scared Straight -Juvenile Justice Reform

Via Scoop.itJuvenile Justice

Some of the most powerful things that I read the sentences that detail my history is the fact that a child has absolutely NO place in an adult prison, I see that a child has absolutely NO place within an adult court room, I see the fact Judges and Lawyers, Parents and Politicians were/are smart enough to do better for the most vulnerable sector of our society. Smart enough to adjudicate it’s children in a more responsible way that is directly connected to the spirit of rehabilitation that value’s a childs potential, and that respects cutting edge science. Though world history is saturated with stories where societies sophistication was far more advanced than societies Laws and Policies, that is, until a group of people, Like Dr. Martin Luther King and the SNCC adopted an issue and pro actively pursued progressive transformations. Well Today, in our era, that issue is a Juvenile Justice Issue. It’s time for the responsible adults of our era to prevent our children being waived into the adult system and being discarded into adult prisons. There are thousands upon thousands of adolescents in adult court rooms and prisons all across the U.S. but it can be stopped with your help, by adopting this issue we can take children from the grips of adult prisons, and place them on the path that leads to their maximal development.

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