Beyond Scared Straight -Juvenile Justice Reform: BACK STORY & DOUBLE LIFE OF VINCENT SMOTHERS: HIT MAN

Via Scoop.itJuvenile Justice

Vincent Smothers wears death all over his body. The self-professed hit man is tattooed on his arms, back, legs and chest — permanent reminders of friends and loved ones who died before him. The names, tombstones and dates of their deaths are impressively etched on his 6-foot-1 lanky frame.
Smothers, 27, says he’s no stranger to death. He told police that he stealthily freelanced seven slayings on Detroit’s poverty-stricken east side from 2006 to the end of last year.
He said he mostly killed drug dealers who either owed a debt, stole the merchandise or had infringed on someone else’s turf. But he also has confessed to killing two men who were targeted as federal informants and a Detroit police sergeant’s wife.
In his confession, Smothers told police that he wasn’t remorseful until he killed the sergeant’s wife.
For the occasion, he donned suits, ties and sunglasses, and usually carried at least two guns — an AK47 and a .40-caliber pistol — for efficiency. He said he practiced shooting at a gun range between jobs.

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