Beyond Scared Straight -Juvenile Justice Reform: Judge Daley retires after helping transform juvenile court

Via Scoop.itJuvenile Justice

Daley said his approach to dealing with juveniles who appeared before him was imbued with the philosophy of St. John Bosco, whom, he said, “chose love rather than severity as his tool for teaching children to treasure God’s will.”Daley’s retirement reception was at the Elks Lodge in New Brunswick in late January. It was hosted by retired Judge Frederick De Vesa, a former colleague who also served for a time with Daley in the juvenile courts before moving to the adult criminal justice system. De Vesa said he found working as a judge in the adult criminal system easier because its process is more clear-cut compared to the juvenile system, in which so many agonizing, gray-area decisions fall squarely on a judge’s shoulders. “People of Middlesex County were very fortunate that Judge Daley chose to devote his entire judicial career to the betterment of the young people who came in contact with our juvenile courts,” De Vesa said. “His tenure was marked by just the right balance of legal knowledge, fairness, integrity and compassion. “I’d like to see, and I surely hope, that those who follow in his footsteps share those values.”

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