Want to help youth sentenced to life in prison with no parole?

Via Scoop.itJuvenile Justice

Dear Supporter of Fair Sentencing for Youth: Today the State Assembly approved technical amendments to SB 9, bringing the bill one step closer to its final vote. SB 9 would give youth sentenced to life without parole the chance to be re-sentenced and a possibility of parole. Last summer SB 9 failed to pass by just one vote. The bill will be voted on again soon; possibly next week. We are so close to winning this, but our powerful opposition is hard at work against the bill. You can help right now: Watch these two short, powerful videos and send them to as many people as you can; post them on Facebook, tweet them, and click “like.” Then, write or call your Assembly Members! Ask them to watch the videos and support SB 9. Below is a sample email. Victims Speak: Four murder victim family members talk about the loved ones they lost, and why they believe life without parole is wrong for youth. http://www.bit.ly/Victims_SpeakNEW! What a Second Chance Looks Like: Four men tell how as teens they were convicted of murder and could have been sentenced to life without parole in prison. Instead, they were sentenced to parole-eligible sentences and got a second chance. http://www.bit.ly/A_Second_Chance_Looks_Like
Via myemail.constantcontact.com

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