Beyond Scared Straight -Juvenile Justice Reform: Meet Christy Clinton Phillips

Via Scoop.itJuvenile Defendants

My name is Christy Clinton Phillips I am 26 year old woman who is serving a 26 years to life sentence for an offense that occured shortly after my 15th birthday in July of 2000. Up until that time, my entire childhood was filled with reoccurring physical, emotional, sexual and psychological abuse, at the hands of others. I was made to believe that I was to blame, by the individuals who inflicted the abuse. By the time I was 14 years old I met a girl who was into smoking cigarettes hanging out late at night with men. What I most admired about her was her boldness she wasn’t afraid of nobody. At that time in my life, I was sick of being a victim and wished I had the courage to stand up to the people who hurt me. I became best friends with this girl and began picking up the destructive actions she had. I found myself engaging in behaviors with this girl that I was uncomfortable with and did not like. I was convinced that if I wanted to become “tough” and fight back against my abusers, I had to get use to engaging in those behaviors until I became desensitized, to them.

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