Beyond Scared Straight -Juvenile Justice Reform: Judge to rule by Aug. 7 whether to suppress Cristian Fernandez interrogations Whether boy understood his rights or was tricked by police was argued.

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By Jim Schoettler

Polished attorneys for and against Cristian Fernandez spent Tuesday weaving through a slew of case law and evidence left for a judge to decide whether to suppress critical interrogations of the Jacksonville boy. Their final arguments then turned basic. “I guess my somewhat rhetorical question is ‘why are we here?’ ” said defense attorney Hank Coxe. He suggested that “both sides” agreed to everything from state and federal law to the opinions of psychological experts that Fernandez, then 12, couldn’t have understood his constitutional rights. But prosecutor Mark Caliel made it clear that Coxe spoke for only one side. “My simple response is we are here today because both sides respectfully disagree with the interpretation of the law and we’re asking this court to [make] a fair adjudication of facts, circumstances and the law in this case,” Caliel said.
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